Invest Mobile

The asset management industry’s digital innovation speed lags behind that of retail banking. Invest Mobile provides a competitive advantage to bridge the gap.

Invest in the highest-rated mutual funds and US securities at the tap of a button without ever visiting a bank.

Today, clients are ever more concerned about financial planning than at any other time in history. However, the tools to make financial planning available to the mass market are not readily available. Invest Mobile has helped wealth managers evolve their business model from one that measured success by picking stocks to a financial planning model that measures success against a personalized goal-based performance measurement. 

We provide wealth managers with an effective all-in-one resource for creating a financial goal and tracking its progress. Customers can connect their bank account, debit cards from any bank, as well as mobile money to make investments on the go. 

Invest Mobile Functionalities

1. View their portfolio

2. Top up their investment account

3. Make redemption requests

4. Fund transfers from one account to the other

5. Create financial goals with a financial needs analysis simulation tool

6. Financial goals analysis tool to help customers achieve their financial goal 

7. Invest with a debit card or mobile money

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At Finance Mobile, we're transforming the financial landscape for local businesses on the streets of Africa. Our branchless digital bank offers mom-and-pop shops direct access to capital, allowing them to refinance their inventory with the convenience of deferred payments. This means they can easily spread the costs of goods, effortlessly manage cash flow, and ultimately, enhance their purchasing power.