Billprompt POS

Bringing your offline business online is not always that easy. For the first time, you have to serve customers outside your physical space. We designed Billprompt POS to solve this challenge.

Easily accept online and offline payments, manage inventory, staff, customers, and products from your physical location.

Billprompt POS also allows you to manage multiple branches of your business all from one dashboard.

With Billprompt POS, moving your offline business online is just a tap away. This will make your selected products available to customers online on the Billprompt App.

With Billprompt POS you can:
  • check Accept all digital payments
  • check Create a store front
  • check Receive online orders
  • check Manage customers
  • check Manage products
  • check Inbuilt tax administration
  • check In depth Reporting
  • check Accept card payment on mobile
  • check Merchant Store
  • check Credit sale

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At Finance Mobile, we're transforming the financial landscape for local businesses on the streets of Africa. Our branchless digital bank offers mom-and-pop shops direct access to capital, allowing them to refinance their inventory with the convenience of deferred payments. This means they can easily spread the costs of goods, effortlessly manage cash flow, and ultimately, enhance their purchasing power.