Billprompt Buy Now, Pay Later

Small businesses struggle with uneven cash flow making it difficult to procure inventory on time and at the best rate? The trade finance service from Billprompt can help you to grow your business.

With Billprompt trade finance, SMEs receive flexible B2B BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) solutions to refinance their inventory, giving them the option to pay later and spread the costs of goods, making it easier to manage their cash flow and increasing their purchasing power.

Unlike traditional banks that rely on collateral to extend credit, Billprompt inventory finance studies your transaction patterns on Billprompt and Billprompt POS to extend a line of credit.

Billprompt trade finance allows you to restock your business even when you are down on cash.

The service relies on your creditworthiness while utilizing your inventory as security for financing.

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Our mission is to provide affordable, convenient, and secure financial products to every African, regardless of their economic standing or where they live.