Bill Prompt

"Lifestyle banking means being present in people’s lives anywhere, at any time and creating constant bonding with them. It means transforming to something more than just an institution – to a reliable partner, guide, and assistant"

Jonathon Bartlett 

Senior Business Development Manager, Financial Services

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Lifestyle banking is the future of finance.

Banking of the future is about solving real customer needs while evoking positive emotions at the same time.

At Bill prompt, we are taking banking beyond balance enquiry, transferring funds and mobile payments.

We are building an easy and effortless on demand control of the finance for our customers by providing tailor made products and services.

We leverage advanced AI-based analytics that enables us to gain valuable data insights about customers and match their needs on a deeper level. We combine data with user-friendly mobile services to understand customers behaviour, make relevant recommendations and offer the right services at the right time.


Democratizing access to financial services in Africa.