A Super App for everything payment

Either online or offline Billprompt provides businesses with the tools they need to grow.

With Billprompt, we are innovating access to financial opportunities by giving small businesses the tools they need to grow without the overhead costs such growth comes with.

Billprompt transforms your offline business into an online powerhouse enabling you to reach thousands of customers.

Billprompt takes care of your technology, inventory and payment, all you have to do is sell more. Create a merchant profile today to reach thousands of customers.

Main Billprompt Features:
  • check All payment forms
  • check Contribution
  • check Request money
  • check Airtime
  • check Group contributions
  • check Escrow payment
  • check Utility bills
  • check Shop
  • check Merchant store

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At Finance Mobile, we're transforming the financial landscape for local businesses on the streets of Africa. Our branchless digital bank offers mom-and-pop shops direct access to capital, allowing them to refinance their inventory with the convenience of deferred payments. This means they can easily spread the costs of goods, effortlessly manage cash flow, and ultimately, enhance their purchasing power.