Powering a new generation of tax compliance

We have made tax compliance simple for small businesses in Africa. Tax QR is a cloud-based tax administration software that gives tax authorities instant access to transaction data just as an invoice is issued, bringing an innovative paradigm to tax compliance.

Unlike paper-based invoices, the instant access to and processing of digital information by tax authorities increases taxpayers' vigilance on an audit possibility and hence reduces noncompliance in VAT filings and input tax refund claims.

How does it work for SMEs?

SMEs are given a dedicated GRA mobile app for issuing digital invoices both online and offline. When a sale is made, the transaction is automatically reported to GRA in real time.
Businesses are also provided with a portal where they can log in to file and pay their taxes. Those in the informal sector can also register for the USSD service to get a credit score after their tax obligations have been met.

SMEs can easily comply with tax laws without a tax consultant

1. Issue electronic tax invoices with software from the revenue authority

2. When a sale is made, the transaction is reported to the revenue authority in real-time.

3. We handle all the complicated ledger operations in the background

4. Businesses can now file and pay their taxes at the click of a button without the need for a tax consultant.

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