Tax QR

Tax QR gives tax authorities an instant access to transaction data just as an invoice is issued, bringing an innovative paradigm to tax compliance.

Unlike paper-based invoices, the instant access to and processing of digital information by tax authorities increases taxpayer’s vigilance on an audit possibility and hence reduce noncompliance in VAT filings and input tax refund claims.

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What is Tax QR

TaxQR as an Integrated Invoicing and Tax Administration System

TaxQR is an integrated invoicing and Tax Administration suite of apps developed to combat tax fraud and reduce the informal economy. Tax QR generates a unique digital signed Invoice Reference Number for every transaction making up an e-Invoice. The e-Invoice is a commercial document that a business issues to a customer illustrating the price, quantity and taxes paid or owed on the transaction. Because businesses can claim input tax credit on purchases made from suppliers, they are incentivized to obtain an e-invoice for each purchase from their suppliers.

The e-Invoice is filed with the Tax Authority just as the transaction takes place. Also mindful of the automatic VAT claims by customers, businesses are incentivized to file all transactions with tax authorities. TaxQR makes it simple for the filling process too, since all transactions are recorded and saved with the tax authority, it takes just a few clicks for a business to file and pay its taxes.

The TaxQR suite is made up of 5 main applications.

Tax payers can issue e-invoice using a variety of formats.


The compulsory implementation of TaxQR for companies with annual revenue above a certain limit for all B2B, B2G, and B2C transactions helps Tax Authorities to significantly reduce the informal sector hence protected against businesses falsely claiming input tax credit.


Democratizing access to financial services in Africa.